A Shirt to the Wise.

She opened her closet (all 6 doors), looked at her entire collection, and sighed. "I have nothing to wear!" she exclaimed. The dresses were too dressy for today, the shirts felt boring, and the designs on all her T-shirts were fading. "What I need is a new T-shirt with a fresh design, one that will express what I feel today" she thought. Exactly at that moment the door opened and her hero walked in bearing a small package. "I thought you might want a special shirt for today, so I ordered this T-shirt online a few days ago" he said, handing her the package (now you know why he is her hero). Her heart missed a beat, and with shaking hands she opened the package. The minute she saw the design a big smile spread on her face. She embraced him, gave him a big kiss, and said: "My hero!".

You too can be a hero. Here you will find designs about attitude, psychology, relationships, likes and dislikes, or just plain humor. These designs are available on t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, magnets, stickers and other products. Browse, think of your special one, and get exactly what is needed for that special occasion.
Horsing around
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Bird watching cup of tea
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It's not time to panic, yet.
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It's not time to panic, yet.
Semper cool
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My Cup of Tea
Parents and kids